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Company presentation

Török és Társai Bt.

Török és Társai Limited Partnership is one of the leading companies in the Hungarian market dealing with the repair, renovation and servicing of food industry machines.

The Hungarian-owned Török és Társai BT started its operation in 1998 with the aim of providing a comprehensive, nationwide service with a strong professional background in the market, paying attention to the needs and requirements of its partners.

Our company mainly deals with the repair and servicing of dairy machines (separators, pasteurizers, homogenizers, plate heat exchangers), including KMA Kyffhäuser Maschinenfabrik Artern GmbH (SMZC, MZA, MLS, etc.), Alfa Laval (Clip 6, Clip 8, etc.), Nagema, Bertoli , SPX Flow, Kelvion PHE, Danfoss Kft. (Sondex) with machines and equipment.

In addition to the dairy segment, we are uniquely present in the Hungarian market in the fields of soft drinks, breweries, chemicals and building services by repairing, maintaining and renovating heat exchangers. In addition to servicing in Hungary, we also have regular customers in Serbia, Croatia and Romania.

SHT Service KFT

SHT Service KFT was founded in 2015 by the owners of Török és Társai BT with the aim of expanding our service activities with the distribution and production of new food industry machines, their full commissioning and servicing, and the construction of production technology systems.

Our distributed products include machines, equipment, separators, homogenizers, heat exchangers from the largest manufacturers: KMA GmbH separators, Kelvion PHE, Bertoli Homogenizer, Danfoss PHE.We design and manufacture custom heat exchangers, stainless steel tanks, food industry equipment (eg Cutter, CIP, etc.) in our own production.

Thanks to our decades of professional experience, full-service and partner-oriented operation, we have several outstanding food production companies in Hungary as well as small and medium-sized dairy companies and manufactories are among our regular customers.

The equipment of our service allows us to satisfy the needs of our customers for the most part within our own company.

Our activities

Separators, centrifuges
Heat exchangers, pasteurizers
Technological piping
Homogenizers, other food processing machinery
Custom manufacturing

Our featured products

Separators, Centrifuges